4.12.2012 / Our new project P18 in the SFB Focus has been approved for funding by the FWF!

15.11.2011 / Our Phys. Rev. Lett. on the ground state of SU(4) symmetric Mott insulator on the square lattice has been published.

17.-21.10.2011 / Vincenzo Alba (MPI Dresden) is visiting.

17.10.2011 / MACH Supercomputer inaugurated.

03.10.2011 / Lars Bonnes joined the group as a new postdoc.

26.-28.09.2011 / Hitesh Changlani (Cornell) is visiting.

15.09.2011 / Our new JSTAT paper has been published.

15.09.2011 / The group website is up and running.


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