Principal Investigator:

Administrative Assistant:


PhD Students:

Master Students:

Bachelor Students:

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  • Kartiek Agarwal (visiting Undergraduate Student 2009 @ PKS, now Graduate Student at Harvard University)
  • Vincenzo Alba (PostDoc 2010-2012 @ PKS, now PostDoc at SISSA)
  • Roald Bartenstein (Diploma student 2011-2013)
  • Lars Bonnes (PostDoc 2011-2015, now Software Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH)
  • Hitesh Changlani (visiting PostDoc spring 2013, now PostDoc at UIUC)
  • Bismayan Chakrabarti (visiting Undergraduate Student 2010 @ PKS, now Graduate Student at Rutgers University)
  • Daniel Charrier (PostDoc 2009-2011 @ PKS, now Highschool Teacher in Meaux/F)
  • ChiaMin Chung (visiting PhD student from June 2012 to June 2013, now PostDoc in S.R. White’s group at UC Irvine)
  • Ish Dhand (visiting Undergraduate Student 2011 @ PKS, now Graduate Student at University of Calgary)
  • Alexander Eberharter (Bachelor student summer semester 2016)
  • Kilian Ender (Bachelor student summer semester 2014)
  • Balazs Hetenyi (visiting Researcher in 2010 @ PKS, now on a tenure-track position at Bilkent University, Ankara)
  • Mathieu Istas (visiting Master student 2014-2015, now PhD candidate in the Quantum theory lab at CEA Grenoble)
  • Andreas Lüscher (PostDoc 2006-2009 @ IRRMA, now Senior Consultant at Mirai Solutions)
  • Alexander Mischi (Bachelor student summer semester 2013)
  • Andreas Parteli (Master student 2013-2015, now physicist at IDS Schwaz)
  • Christoph Pernul (Bachelor student summer semester 2013)
  • Vera Pöchhacker (Bachelor student summer semester 2014)
  • Ioannis Rousochatzakis (PostDoc 2009-2011 @ PKS, now PostDoc at University of Minnesota)
  • David Schwandt (visiting PhD Student 2010 @ PKS, now PostDoc at LPT Toulouse)
  • Antoine Sterdyniak (PostDoc 2013-2015, now PostDoc at MPQ, Garching)
  • Julien Sudan (PhD Student 2006-2010 @ IRRMA, now Project leader at SID SA)
  • Valentin Völkl (Master student 2014-2015, now PhD student at CERN)
  • Sandro Wenzel (PostDoc 2009 @ PKS, now staff scientist at CERN)