Dr. Lars Bonnes

Universität Innsbruck
Institut für Theoretische Physik
Office 2/02
Technikerstr. 25
A-6020 Innsbruck

Mail: lars . bonnes (at) uibk . ac . at
Tel.: +43 512 507 52221


  1. P. Hauke, L. Bonnes, M. Heyl, W. Lechner,
    Probing Entanglement in Adiabatic Quantum Optimization with Trapped Ions
    arXiv:1411.7933 [ abs | pdf ]
  2. L. Bonnes and A.M. Läuchli,
    Superoperators vs. Trajectories for Matrix Product State Simulations of Open Quantum System: A Case Study
    arXiv:1411.4831 [ abs | pdf ]


  1. L. Bonnes, F.H.L. Essler, and A.M. Läuchli,
    “Light-cone” dynamics after quantum quenches in spin chains
  2. L. Bonnes, D. Charrier, and A. M. Läuchli,
    Dynamical and Steady State Properties of a Bose-Hubbard Chain with Bond-Dissipation: A Study based on Matrix Product Operators
    arXiv:1405.5036 [ abs | pdf ]
    Phys. Rev. A 90, 033612 (2014).
  3. C.-M. Chung, V. Alba, L. Bonnes, P. Chen, and A.M. Läuchli,
    Entanglement negativity via replica trick: a Quantum Monte Carlo approach
    arXiv:1312.1168 [ abs | pdf ]
    Phys. Rev. B 90, 064401 (2014).
  4. C.-M. Chung, L. Bonnes, P. Chen, and A.M. Läuchli,
    Entanglement Spectroscopy using Quantum Monte Carlo
    arXiv:1305.6536 [ abs | pdf ]
    Phys. Rev. B 89, 195147 (2014).
  5. M. Lohöfer, L. Bonnes, and S. Wessel
    Thermal phase transitions in a honeycomb lattice gas with three-body interactions
    arXiv:1309.1034 [ abs | pdf ]
  6. L. Bonnes, H. Pichler, and A. M. Läuchli,
    An entropy perspective on the thermal crossover in a fermionic Hubbard chain
    arXiv:1304.5340 [ abs | pdf ]
  7. H. Pichler, L. Bonnes, A. J. Daley, A. M. Läuchli, and P. Zoller,
    Thermal vs. Entanglement Entropy: A Measurement Protocol for Fermionic Atoms with a Quantum Gas Microscope
    arXiv:1302.1187 [ abs | pdf ]
  8. L. Bonnes, K. R. A. Hazzard, S. R. Manmana, A. M. Rey, and S. Wessel,
    Adiabatic loading of one-dimensional SU(N) alkaline earth fermions in optical lattices
    arXiv:1207.3900 [ abs | pdf ]
  9. L. Bonnes and S. Wessel,
    Half-Vortex Unbinding and Ising Transition in Constrained Superfluids,
    arXiv:1201.4117 [ abs | pdf ]
  10. L. Bonnes and S. Wessel,
    Generic First-Order vs. Continuous Quantum Nucleation of Supersolidity,
    arXiv:1105.1682 [ abs | pdf ]
  11. L. Bonnes and S. Wessel,
    Pair Superfluidity of Three-Body Constrained Bosons in Two Dimensions,
    arXiv:1101.5991 [ abs | pdf ]
  12. L. Bonnes and S. Wessel,
    Supersolid Polar Molecules beyond Pairwise Interactions,
    arXiv:1101.0913 [ abs | pdf ]
  13. L. Bonnes and S. Wessel,
    Polar molecules with three-body interactions on the honeycomb lattice,
    arXiv:0911.0312 [ abs | pdf ]

Research Interest

  • Numerical methods for strongly correlated systems, i.e. (Quantum) Monte-Carlo, Matrix Product States, Tensor Network RG
  • Entanglement and critical phenomena
  • Quantum systems out of equilibrium, quenches
  • Quantum annealing and devices
  • Open quantum systems, dissipative dynamics

Short CV


  • WS 14/15: Kursvorlesung Computational Physics
  • WS 14/15: Proseminar Festkörpertheorie
  • SS 14: Proseminar Theoretische Physik 4 (Statistische Mechanik & Thermodynamik)
  • WS 13/14: Kursvorlesung Computational Physics (with Andreas Läuchli)
  • WS 13/14: Proseminar Festkörpertheorie
  • SS 13: Proseminar Theoretische Physik 4 (Statistische Mechanik & Thermodynamik)
  • WS 12/13: Proseminar Simulationsmethoden für Quantenvielteilchensysteme
  • WS 12/13: Proseminar Festkörpertheorie
  • SS 12: Proseminar Theoretische Physik 4 (Statistische Mechanik & Thermodynamik)
  • WS 11/12: Proseminar Simulationsmethoden für Quantenvielteilchensysteme

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